Notice : Routine

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Head Of the Department
Govt. Begum Rokeya College, English

It is a good news for us that Govt. Begum Rokeya College, Rangpur is now in the new era of digital Bangladesh. This Institute has opened not only the website. Now information related to academy, administration, teacher, culture and sports will be available in our website. Our target is to ensure latest information regarding our college. Besides, I hope that a dynamic transparent and efficient education management information system will be developed farther by using this automation. I think that most of the classes will be taken using this multimedia within a very short time. Let’s work together for the betterment of our Institute as well as our country. I do believe that this automation system will help our college go ahead in all respects. I like to give thanks to all who have spent their valuable time to run this system. Once again, we wish all our students and faculty a successful and rewarding career.